In ESCRIBE CINE we are committed with the process of writing a script where the future of a film is constructed and determined. Thinking about strengthening this process, we open a space dedicated to the attention of all the people who seek advice or diagnosis about their script, who need to make some adjustment or develop it in its entirety. Our service is aimed to impulse stories and scripts, giving them the necessary tools to expend their lives between all the people involved in a film: Directors, producers, and others. Every service will be provided with warmness, confidentiality and respect for your copyrights. Also, whatever you need for your script, it would be attended in person or online, no matter the extension.


Las necesidades de cada guión son distintas y de acuerdo al tratamiento que requiera, por lo que el costo del servicio se define a partir de una primer evaluación por parte del asesor quien determina el costo final.



- Script- Short Synopsis- Copyrights- Author´s Data.- ID

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We put at your disposal a group of writers who have a thorough knowledge about the anatomy of the script and about the details of their writing. They will dedicate themselves completely to obtain the best result for your script.