General Information

What is it?An educational program dedicated to the study, appreciation and enrichments of the cinematographic culture, through courses and workshops. Who is it for?To general public interested in cinema, no matter where they live, schedule or experience. How is the format?Every course is designed by different professors, which means, every course is unique. Every curse includes VOD classes, exercise and a final evaluation. Once you get a course, you got an exclusive access where you can pause, forward or reward and watch the classes every time you want. Also, you can ask for personal feedback with the teacher. What is the duration?The consultation time for each course is 30 days in the plan per course or 6 months in the subscription plan. How do I sign up?We have two ways of enrollment, depends on your needs



Memberships: This is an enrollment that lasts 6 months and you can access to all thecourses of the platform.Costs: $150.00 USD. Per Course: You choose the course you want and the access is per one month.Cost: $52.00 USD.

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Online Classes: Available 24 hours a day.Unlimited access: You can access to your course anytime and anywhere.Certification: Obtain your certificate with curricular value for every course you take.Escribe Cine Member: Be part of our community.